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Community Service & Animal Control 

The Powell Police Department Community Service Officer is primarily responsible for the enforcement of local animal control laws and local codes and ordinances. Our CSO routinely patrols the city to ensure the enforcement of animal control codes, including, capturing, removing, and caring for animals. When an animal is found running at large in the city limits it is taken to the Powell Animal Shelter until the owner can be contacted to retrieve the animal. The CSO also investigates animal abuse or cruelty complaints and issues citations for violations as needed. 

Other duties of the Community Service Officer include parking enforcement, traffic control assistance, conduct vacation-house checks, funeral escorts, public education, perform fingerprinting services, conduct VIN inspections, and assist with the maintenance and repair of department vehicles.

Dog licenses must be renewed by January 10th of each year.

Frequently Asked Questions


How many dogs or cats can I possess within the city limits?

City Code 7.76.030. - Household pets.

Pets, such as dogs and cats, which are generally kept within a dwelling, shall be considered as a permitted accessory use, provided not more than two adult animals are kept at any one dwelling;

This section shall not apply to rabbits and chickens that the owner has a current, valid permit for nor shall this section apply to temporary housing of animals at the county fairgrounds or at the campus of Northwest College during exhibitions, demonstrations, classes, and educational or recreational activities for which animals are required, nor shall this section apply to any private or governmental research laboratories, the city animal shelter or the temporary housing of animals for treatment at veterinary clinics located within the city.

Why are there no leash laws on cats?

City Code 6.08.030. - Leash law.
A. The owner of a dog shall confine such dog to his own premises. Any dog not on the premises of the owner shall be kept under leash at all times.

B. The city may apprehend any cat which is not confined to the property belonging to its owner

What can be done about barking dogs?
Call in the complaint at the time it is happening. The dog owner can be given a written or verbal warning or the dog owner could be issued a citation if a neighbor is willing to testify of their complaint in court.

How do I obtain dog licenses and how much are they?
Dog licenses can be obtained at the Powell Police Department 24 hours a day. See the table below for fees.

What are the hours of operation for the City of Powell/Moyer Animal Shelter?
The City of Powell/ Moyer Animal Shelter is located at 638 W North St, Powell, WY, and open

Monday - Saturday 9-10 am & 3:30-6:30 pm

Does City of Powell help with wildlife concerns?
Officers will respond to ensure public safety, however most wildlife concerns are referred to the Wyoming Game & Fish Department


Animal License Fees:

Lost your dog or cat?

Visit the Powell Pet Finder web page for listings of animals found in the Powell area.


Check the City of Powell Animal Shelter's Facebook Page

Sprayed/Neutered Dog
$2.00 per 12 months
Unaltered Dog
$10.00 per 12 months
Replacement Tag
$0.50 per incident
Late Fee (if issued after Feb. 10 of each year)
Rabbit Application
Chicken Application
Wild Animal/ Exotic Pets Application
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