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Door to door solicitors

May 9, 2021


With summer coming and the temperatures rising, Powell residents will likely notice an increase in door to door solicitors. This activity can cause concern with residents and the business community. Most employees of these companies carry lanyards with identification and/or recognizable clothing, but not all do. If you feel that someone is acting suspiciously or is making you feel uneasy, don't hesitate to contact the Powell Police Department, and do not let anyone inside of your residence whom you do not know.

While door to door soliciting is not illegal, we understand that some residents do not want to be disturbed by solicitors. If this is the case, the Powell Police Department offers signs to help to deter door to door solicitors. A violation of Wyoming State Statute 6-3-303(a)(ii) - Criminal Trespass - can occur if a person enters or remains upon the land or premises of another person after being notified to depart or to not trespass. This can be achieved by posted signs reasonably likely to come to the attention of intruders. Posting of these signs can assist the Powell Police Department with enforcement of this state statute. If you would like to obtain a free sign, the Powell Police Department can provide one to you at 250 N Clark Street. You can also download the below image and print the notice from your own computer.

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