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Attempted Abduction

May 28, 2014


On 05/28/14 at approximately 9:18 p.m., two 12 year old females reported an attempted
abduction in Powell, WY. On 06/03/14 the Powell Police department closed this case as
unfounded. Through subsequent interviews the two girls eventually admitted that the incident had not occurred as reported and there was no apparent abduction attempt. The Powell Police
Department wants to assure our citizens that we take these reports very seriously and have
procedures in place for both the investigation of such an incident and also the public notification process. We recognize the importance of the role of the public in an actual abduction and as a result we will make as much information available as soon as the investigation will allow.

As we breathe a sigh of relief, the Powell Police Department would like to encourage parents to
capitalize on this opportunity to discuss and/or develop a safety plan with their children. This
plan should include topics of what a trusted adult is, where safe places are that a child could
retreat too in an emergency, where to go in case they can’t get ahold of a parent and they need a ride. The conversation does not have to be limited to abductions, in our modern age we have
become dependent on cell phones to locate our children and track their activities, what if the
phone does not work?

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